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Turn Numbers into Dates | Build Attraction and Connection

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Over 160 Proven Text Messages to Always Know What to Text a Girl to Make Her Want You!

Have you stared at your phone trying to think of the best text to send? Image what it would be like to have an arsenal of witty and funny texts that you could send her that made you stand out from all the other guys texting her. What if you were the most clever, most interesting guy she's ever met....don't you think she'd want to go on a date with you?

My name is Matt Artisan, Voted Best Text Game in the World, Voted Best New Pick Up Artist in the World and owner of The Attractive Man, 1-On-1 Dating Coach Co. and I've been researching what turns women off and what turns women on, what makes them disconnect and what makes them connect through text effectively. When you get this course, you'll not only learn the words to say, you'll also learn how to respond to her crazy responses or whatever is going on between you. You'll also learn when to text, when is too much and when is too little. You'll learn the times that you should text. You'll learn how to text before you meet with her so she never flakes and you'll also learn how to text before she goes to bed at night so that she'll be dreaming about you.

I'm going to give you over 160 of the best, most effective text messages to send her to increase her attraction to you and make her want you badly! The guide will teach you exactly what to text girls, so that it leads to a first date every time.

Learn Exactly What to Text a Girl You Like to Turn #'s into dates...even if she doesn't remember meeting you!

Have you ever lost touch with a woman you were talking to? Sure we all have. But, what if you could spark so much attraction that you could get a woman to want to meet up with you EVEN if she doesn't remember you?  The content in this guide is so powerful that it will teach you the EXACT texts to send to revive numbers that are "cold".

For girls, attraction is based on emotion and how you make them feel. If you can make girls feel really really good every time they receives a text from you, then they'll be excited to talk to you on the phone and go on a date with you. I'm going to show you exactly how to amp things up so much that girls will have no choice but to want to see you again.


Know exactly what to text girls in every situation

Have you ever wondered what to text a girl? After finally sending the text, did you wonder if it was the right thing to say? Did she never respond?

After years of tracking my success, I figured out a system and over 160 proven texts that can build so much attraction that you'll get on a date in less than 3-days after getting her phone number.

"But what if I already screwed things up and she's not responding anymore?" We have an entire chapter dedicated to phone numbers that went cold and how to get her attention so you can reignite her interest.  Don't worry, I've covered everything you need to know. Just read the guide and listen to the audios and YOU WILL BE A TEXTING NINJA.

Join the 1% off guys know how to turn phone numbers into sex partners! That's right, 99% of guys out there do not understand the psychology of turning numbers into sex using texting. Now you can possess the same power.


Voted "Best Text Game" in the World at the 2010 Pick Up Artist World Summit

Texting Girls Award PUA World Summit

Build instant attraction...with every text

Take ALL the guess work out of texting and get the guide and have over 160 proven texts that spark instant attraction, a step-by-step system for turning phone numbers into dates in less than 3 days, and everything you'll ever need to know about what to text a girl to make her desperately want you!

This proven system will tell you exactly what to text in any situation so you sub communicate the qualities that every woman wants in a man. Be the man of her dreams every time you text.  


You'll Even Know What to Text Girls to get them

Most guys pursue girls to the point that they run away. What would it be like if you could have multiple girls pursuing you instead? You'll learn how to "flip the frame" of the traditional "man chases girl" courting frame and be the SELECTOR! By sending high value texts that qualify girls to meet your standards, you will literally have girls begging to be with you.

Don't take my word for it, look at what my students have said...

"I am using the text messages guide and its working very, very well when I throw it in at the right times. I have been able to build some attraction and comfort and keep it up. It works like a charm. The text guide has literally changed my game overnight."
- Anthony Matusak

"Over 100 text message examples that get great reactions. I haven't even gone through a quarter of them and now I'm starting to write my own witty text messages."
-Michael A., Business Owner

"This is by far one of the best investments I could have ever made."
-Matt D., Personal Trainer

I have personally used these techniques successfully, not only that but my students have used these techniques successfully to attract so many hot women into their lives. The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls will give you the best chance of following up with a woman to move from an initial contact to a date and wild sex or a long term relationship.

Did you know if you texted somebody improperly you could destroy the relationship before it even started it? Wouldn’t you like to know ways that you could open her sexual imagination by texting instead of just sabotaging and destroying the relationship before it even starts?

With this course, you'll not only learn how to text when things are going well, but when she texts you a message that's cryptical and you don’t know how to deal with it, this course will help you decode what to say so that you can get the communication back on track.

Also, you want to get this course before it becomes mainstream because right now, only a few people have this and because these messages are not found anywhere else, you have an edge over everybody else that is using the same old text pattern out there. So with this course, you've got an edge before everyone else. So don’t wait until these techniques are outdated. They're fresh, nobody else is using them.

If you would like to go from Clark Kent to Superman with your texting game, then you need to get this course now. Don't let your enemies get this course, don’t let your friends get this course, don’t let anyone else get his hands in this course. This is top secret material that you want to keep in your private arsenal so that you have an edge over everyone else in your social circle.



Many years back I really sucked with women and had know idea what to text a girl I liked. But luckily, I discovered the dating community and began taking a lot of pick up artist bootcamps.

After time, I became top instructor of one of the biggest dating companies in the world. So naturally I got really good at geting numbers from girls, but I wasn't getting as many dates as I wanted because I still didn't now what to text girls.

So, I started using all the tools and principles I was teaching in the PUA bootcamps and workshops, and applied them to texting girls.

I started getting some amazing results!

I created a log of ever text that I sent a girl, and every response that I got back so I could figure out which texts were working the best, and why.

I was actually able to get 15 dates in 30 days, all through texting!

After years of research and trial and error, I developed this amazing 56 page texting guide that teaches guys all the rules of what to text girls to get them attracted and why each text works.

I made it super easy to understand so that it will work for ANY guy who wants to know what to text a girl to build instant attraction and get a date fast!

Try it ou. There's no risk on your part. And it REALLY DOES WORK!

Texting Guru Signature

Artisan, Texting Guru, Voted "BEST PHONE & TEXT GAME" at the PUA World Summit

Lead Dating Coach for The Attractive Man, 1-On-1 Dating Coach Co

Have an arsinal of fool-proof texts to send girls that always get a great response!

You'll have tons of tried and tested text messages that will get girls to respond positively, whether its the first text or the 30th text. It doesn't matter if you just met her, or its a year after the last time you talked to her, these texts are proven to work every time. You'll always know the right thing to text at the right time because you'll have over 160 text messages that were written by some of the best dating experts in the world. They've been tried and tested and proven to make girls melt!

What to Text a Girl Example

So what will you learn about texting girls?

You will learn never-before-released secrets of master pickup artists, including:

- What to text a girl the same night you meet to get her over THAT same night

- What to text a girl to build immediate and lasting attraction

- How to handle non responsive girls and what to text them to finally get them to respond

- How to get a first date with girls without even talking to them on the phone

- What to text girls to stand out from other guys and keep the girls intrigued

- What to text a girl after she's flaked on a date

- How to use texting to create deep comfort and rapport

- What to text a girl that you haven't heard from in a while...and how to get her to respond

- How to create attraction from a girl who doesn't even seem interested in you

- Funny and clever texts that you can send girls at anytime

- How to avoid the biggest mistakes every other guy makes when it comes to texting girls

- What to text a girl to build sexual tension and attraction

- How to go from texting a girl to talking on the phone with her

- When and how often to text girls you like

- What to text a girl to set up a date

- What to text a girl to prevent her from flaking on a date

- What to do if a girl doesn't text back right away

- How to respond to negative texts from girls

- How to answer a girls "test" texts

- How to get girls to actually start CHASING YOU...all through TEXT

- How to send cocky-funny texts, playful texts, bait and switch texts, roll reversal texts, push-pull texts, games, role play texts, flirty texts, sexual texts, teasing texts, and much much more!


The Complete Guide to Texting Girls System includes:

32 chapters AND over 160 proven text messages and examples

"Text Game Mastery" course to learn how to text a girl into bed

Audio 1: Basic Principles and Texting Girls Mindset
Audio 2: What to Text a Girl to Build Attraction and Comfort
Audio 3: Best First Text Openers
Audio 4: Teasing Girls Texts
Audio 5: Getting Girls to Chase You, Asking Her Out and Sexual Escalation
Audio 6: Damage Control Texts and Bonuses

1) Top 10 Best Responses to Common Questions Girls Text AND Top 10 Ways to Reinitiate Communication for Numbers that have Gone Cold
2) 1 Full Hour of Live Phone Coaching
3) The Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests
4) "Calling a Girl" 7 Day E-Course
5) Monthly Cutting Edge Dating and Texting Strategies Delivered Straight to You

Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls

What else will you get in the Guide?

You'll get everything you'll ever need to know about what to text girl, including:

- Basic principles of what to text girls

- How to build strong attraction and maintain it just by texting

- What mistakes to avoid when texting girls

- Using texting to build comfort and rapport

- When and how often to text a girl you like

- The best first texts to send a girl after you meet her

- What to text a girl the very same night you meet her so she'll come over to your house that night

- Other random texting openers that will make girls laugh

- What to text a girl to show you are a "real man" and the type she'd be attracted to

- Fun texting games and roll plays to demonstrate your playful side

- The right mindset you must have for texting girls

- How to use texting to get girls to chase you!

- How to go from texting girls to an actual phone call

- What to text a girl to get her to meet you in person and on a date fast

- How to bring out a girl's sexual side without appearing creepy, weird or needy

- What to text a girl if she's deliberately "texting" you or being mean/rude

- How to answer a girls question such as "who's this?" in a fun interesting way

- What to text a girl that has just flaked on you

- What to text a girl to reestablish intrigue even if you haven't talked to her in months or even years


Watch This Video to See What Artisan Has to Say...


Order by and receive the following BONUSES:

- BONUS #1: The Top 10 Texts to Common Questions AND the Top 10 Ways to Revive a Number that Went "Cold"($64 value)

Not only will you know exactly what to text girls back when they ask you questions like "who is this?", "do i know you?", "what do you do for a living?", etc. but you'll have answers that are guaranteed to build attraction and make you dramatically stand out from other guys so girls will want to see you right away.

Were you ever texting a girl and then all of a sudden the girl just stopped texting back? Have you ever met a girl and for whatever reason, the communication just went "cold"? Now you can reegnite old numbers and spark new attraction with girls you haven't talked to in weeks, months or even years! You'll have 10 proven texting techniques that are guaranteed to get a response from girls that previously were not responding.


- BONUS #2: Live Phone Coaching ($297 value)

During the 60-minute phone coaching, Artisan will answer ALL of your questions and give you personal advice and feedback on your challenges or sticking points when it comes to texting girls (or anything else pick up related). Have questions about a girl your texting? Ask! Have questions about how to escalate on a date? Ask that too! Ask Artisan ANYTHING at all regarding women, dating, texting and pick up!


- Bonus #3: The Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests ($67 value)

You'll learn exactly how to turn any response a woman could ever say to you into pure attraction and immediate sexual tension! One of the quickest and easiest way to spark insane attraction is with the right responses to a woman's "shit test"!

Never be thrown off by "I have a boyfriend", "I don't give out my phone number" or anything else a woman could say ever again! Get over 50 of the best and most effective comebacks to her tests that are guaranteed to spark instant attraction and make her want you!

- Bonus #4: "Calling a Girl" 7 Day E-Course on Calling a Girl on the Phone ($59 value)

In this 7 day E-course you'll learn the best way to get a girl's phone number, a quick way to make girls pick up the phone when you call, how to have amazing phone conversations, what to do when calling a girl you like, and other important tips and techniques for calling a girl you just met.

Dennis Miedema gives you tons of advice and tips and everything you need to know about calling women and getting booty calls. Get 7 days of action packed emails with the calling a woman e-course!

- Bonus #5: Cutting Edge Dating and Texting Strategies Direct to You ($164 value)

Every month we'll send you the most cutting edge dating and texting strategies that you can use with girls right away. Not only will we send you the latest advances in texting girls every month so you can always have fresh new texts to send beautiful women, but we'll also send you new strategies and principles on inner game, day game, bar/club game, rapid sexual escalation, first date tips, sexual frames, phone game, online game, story telling, social circle mastery and more!

Bonus Value Worth Over $600....Yours for FREE!!!




We'll even throw in...


Over 200 Texts 2 Make Women Want U

texting guarantee

That's 360 Total Text Messages to Spark Attraction and Get Her Straight Over to Your House!!!

Artisan and texting guru, Hydro, teamed up to give you text-after-text of mind blowing, cutting edge full text message threads! They cut out all the fluff to give you the best of the best. This is the ultimate arsenal of text messaging!

All you have to do is click the link at the "order now" button at the bottom of the page and Texting 2.0 is yours free! Thats a $197 value as a special bonus when you order today!


”I took a dating course about 3 months ago which went over text game. It was a complete wast of time and I didn't really get anything out of it. This guide [The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls] broke everything down in a very easy to understand way. In a matter of two hours, this guide did more than my 3 day dating course."
-John T., Univ of Cal., Irvine

"As the owner of, being married and a pickup coach, I would not follow through with all the #s I would get! When I 1st separated, I immediately reached for Artisan's Texting Guide, and used the replies exactly as he suggested. I was mass texting girl from the tread mill at the gym, and got immediate answers from all my texts. With Artisan's text guide, I genuinely can say that I near 100% text and call backs. He has by far the best text game in the world. Use it and get miraculous results."
- Vince "Hollywood" Kelvin - Kings of Pickup - Project Hollywood.

"The best part of the guide? Seeing the results. Well worth the small investment."
-J. Wagner, US Marine Corp

So if you want to use text as a way to reel her into your life, to reel her into your bed, to have her excited and anticipating to sleep with you, then you'll want to get this course. I'll guarantee you that you'll be happy with it. If not, I'll refund your money.


texting guarantee

Risk Free 100% Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee

In the next 60 days, if you aren't 100% satisfied with The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls, then you can get your entire investment back AND keep The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls and ALL 5 of the amazing bonuses for free!

I am taking on ALL of the risk because I am so confident in this product and the success you'll get. You literally have NOTHING TO LOSE and NO RISK!

What to text a girl picture
Yes! I want to take advantage of this 90% off sale and always know what to text girls to make them find me irresistable!

Download The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls ($97 value)+ all 5 bonuses ($651 value) for only $47



The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those
under 18 years old

This is a limited time offer. I will raise the investment back to $97 in a few days because I don't want too many guys having this insider information....AND especially I don't want any girls to know any of these scandalous texting secrets! So get the guide now before the investment increases.


"I read the whole texting girls guide in a few hours and couldn't believe the great reaction I got after sending my first text. This stuff is pure genius! Anytime I can't think of something to text, I can open the guide and have tons of texts that are really work."
-J.H. Nuygen, Computer Engineer

"...My dating went through the roof! Its so easy now to get dates just by texting. When I first meet a women, I'll send out a few texts to generate some attraction and then..bam!...go for the date. And I rarely get turned down. Most amazing guide I've ever read. And its short and sweet."
-F.T., College Student


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